Gentrification (Discussions on what it is and its role in the Albina District)

(from documentary Lift Ev'ry Voice, link below)

(from documentary Lift Ev'ry Voice, link below)       

·      Headline: In Portland’s heart, 2010 Census shows diversity dwindling

·      Originally Headlined: Consumers and state misled, Published Sept. 9, 1990, About housing in NE Portland

·      Headline: Roots of gentrification: How 1990s battle to end redlining changed history in North and NE Portland, Published August 25, 2014, A follow up on “Consumers and state misled” article from the Oregonian in 1990

·      Headline: NE Portland activists blame blight on lenders: 1990 Blueprint for a Slum series      

·      The Oregon Experience’s documentary “Portland Civil Rights: Lift Ev’ry Voice”, About how a cultural hub was transformed as a result of an urban renewal project in the 1960’s               

·      Map of African American businesses that used to exist on N Williams Ave.          

·      Report stating Portland has seen the most gentrification in the past century in the U.S.           

·      Portland African American Leadership Forum Talks Gentrification and Development           

·      State of Black Oregon Report