Introducing Kyle: Looking in. Looking out.

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Even after living all 18 of my years here, I have an extremely limited view of Portland. Most of us do, as we are each restricted by our own individual experiences, but it is also important to reach across the boundaries that keep us restricted. Before I leave this town, I feel a need to broaden my understanding of those who live here and the issues that are most critical to our community. I want to help others do so as well through my work on the I Love This Place PDX blog.

Starting with the bigger picture, I am doing this work because I want to build a skill set and portfolio of work as a freelance journalist post high school. The question that many folks my age most often get is some version of “what do you want to do with your life?” Well, I don’t know. Nor do I think anyone my age needs to. At the moment, journalism is the most meaningful work to me because it allows to continue learning about what is happening in our community right now, connect with people everyday as I learn about their stories, and give back by making information about the most important issues in Portland more accessible.


For the past and next couple weeks, I selected five areas in which to focus my work: environmental justice, housing, policing, the election, and an internal project. For all of these topics (with the exception of the internal piece), I am focusing on why it is important to our community here in Portland. I chose to report on environmental justice in Portland because I am intrigued by the link between mainstream environmental efforts to mitigate climate change and the work of grassroots organizations focused on equity for all Portlanders. I chose to report on housing in Portland because homelessness and the availability of affordable housing are defining issues in the politics of our city, but I don’t understand what led them to be so. I chose to report on policing in Portland because there is a discrepancy between the mission of the Portland Police Bureau and the actions of our officers. I chose to report on the primary election that wrapped up two days ago because I am engaged in Jo Ann Hardesty’s campaign (candidate for city council position #3), and the three issues I am focusing on are crucial to many of the races in this election. Finally, I am spending time looking internally at the work the CENTER does. In particular, I am looking at the relationship between the coalition partners and the youth collective with regards to leadership at the CENTER. The bigger question for this internal piece is how much power should an organization whose aim it is to empower youth, like the CENTER, actually give to youth decision makers when a lot is at stake?

The end goal for this project is to build a list of resources and collection of articles for these topics that I will share through the blog at the end of May. The end goal for my work as a journalist in Portland before I depart is to extend my work on this project to create a bigger list of resources and collection of articles that encompasses as many of the most important issues to Portland as I can cover.