The I Love This Place project was first started by Jubilee Lopez in 2014 and carried on by Soha Ahmed during the summer of 2015. Tyler White, a De La Salle North student, who has now carried on the project.

With the help and guidance of the PLACE Program, a civic engagement and urban planning program based out of the Catlin Gabel School, and director George Zaninovich, I Love This Place has become a youth-led storytelling project, dedicated to telling the stories of all people, in turn connecting their stories to the community issues here in Portland. 

The primary goal has been to start a dialogue about forms of community change throughout Portland’s neighborhoods. In doing this the display of community pride and identity has become transformative. We are publishing the truth of people who are directly affected by these issues of change gentrification and community change to create room for conversation and groundwork for mutual understanding.

Leadership Team

Jazkia Phillips - Youth Advocate Thomas Cassidy - Outreach Coordinator

Taji Chesimet - Event Coordinator Bella Meyers - Content Editor

Tyler White - Chief Blogger and Project Coordinator from 2015-2018

I have lived my whole life in the same house. I have come to known that such a thing is rare; having known friends that have lived in more houses than the can count one their hands, I feel genuinely lucky. Through realizing that I gravitated towards learning more about gentrification and community change. After completing the 2015 summer session of the PLACE Program, I had the opportunity of being a coordinator and blogger for I Love This Place and it has become one of the greatest things I could have ever dreamed of. Having the ability to put people face-to-face with the narratives of people who don't usually have voices and if so, they are muted. People like my grandmother who lived on the in Vanport during the flood and was relocated after losing everything. Hearing her stories, matched with the undeniable truth of how people of color are treated in comparison to their white counterparts in all areas of housing and planning, I knew this was my call to show the humanity of these issues.

Tyler White is a recipient of the 2018 RACC Juice Award for his work on race, space, and place. 

Jubilee Lopez - Founder and Project Coordinator 2014-15

I was at Catlin Gabel for three years, after transferring from Grant High School after my freshman year. I first became interesting in the Albina neighborhood, which I live very close to, when reading "Bleeding Albina" during PLACE in summer 2012. I now am a member of the PLACE Advisory Committee and have involved in civic engagement projects since participating in the summer program.

The I Love This Place project was created as part of a Palma Scholar Capstone Project, designed for Palma Scholar's their senior year of high school, to cultivate and hone skills they've developed over that past three years through a full year independent study class.

I chose to combine my passion for finding, telling, and documenting stories, as well as work I have done with the PLACE Program, a civic engagement and urban planning program based out of the Catlin Gabel School in Portland, Oregon. George Zaninovich, PLACE Program director, is the client of the project.

Though the primary goal was to get people talking about gentrification and other forms of community change in Albina in order to display community pride and identity, a subgoal was to connect the new PLACE Center (located on Vancouver St. and Fremont St.) to the neighborhood.


Conversations Team

From Left to Right: (back row) Vikram Nallakrishnan (18), Tyler White (16), Bailey Sneed (16), Andrew Park (18) and Luke Van-Buskirk (17) (front row) Grace Wong (18), Hannah Davis (18) and Yabeen Kim (16)

Bailey Sneed and Luke Van-Buskirk-- Project Coordinators

Hannah Davis, Vikram Nallakrishnan and Yebeen Kim-- Guide Creators 

Andrew Park-- Media Coordinator 

Grace Wong and Tyler White-- Website Design and Content Coordinators

George Zaninovich and Krystal Wu-- Project Adult Support 


Student Interns

Kyle Greenspan - Journalism and Research Intern 2018

As I move past my time in high school, I want to begin building my skillset as a young journalist. For me, the most logical first step is reporting on the issues that matter most to our community here in Portland. Working with the CENTER and I Love this Place PDX blog will allow me to have an outlet for this work. I also hope to give back to our community by providing some additional resources and new perspectives on the blog.


Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 9.21.39 AM.png

Zulema Young-Toledo - Multi-media Intern 2017

Zulema worked at the CENTER as a social-media and  multi-media intern creating Instagram and video content . 


Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 8.24.50 PM.png



Soha Ahmed - Research intern 2015

I first got involved with the PLACE Program the summer after my sophomore year. That summer I learned a lot about the history of Portland, and the current efforts around developing Portland. I found the conversations we had about gentrification and new developments in the Albina districts to be impactful, and I wanted to stay involved in the work the PLACE Program did from there on out. During the past school year, I helped with the planning of the new PLACE center that is opening in NE Portland. When planning for its opening, we considered how best to acknowledge the history of the district while being a part of the new development on N Williams Ave. This question is important to me and I tried to make sure that there are ways the community can feel welcome in the new PLACE center. Over this past summer, I continued my work with PLACE by working on this website. I added to the resources page because I feel that it is important that people can learn about the history the Albina district and how it is growing. I find the work I have done for the PLACE Program meaningful because the the issue of gentrification is not widely talked about in our community, but I think it is important to understand and discuss what it is and how it is affecting Portland. I believe the PLACE Program is creating this conversation in Portland, and I am glad that I have been able to be a part of it.

Former Student Support Staff

Nic Bergen - Filmer/Photographer/Editor

Ben Waitches-Eubanks - Filmer/Editor

Ford Brown - Videographer/Editor

Nico Hamacher - Photographer

Charley Ward - Logo Designer

Reuben Schafir - Filmer/Editor